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Perfect Brows - imagine never pencilling again!
There are three Eyebrow Procedures available from Beauty fx, however they can always be adapted to any clients specific needs. These eyebrow procedures involve techniques such as adding colour and definition to the eyebrows as well as adding hairstroke effects to further enhance and define the shape of the eyebrows, framing the face beautifully and opening the eyes and giving a beautiful youthful look.
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Block Eyebrows
The entire eyebrow is filled with one colour which gives a sharp pencilled effect. This procedure can appear quite dramatic so if that's the look you desire this is the brow choice for you! Alopecia clients quite like this eyebrow as it replicates what they have drawn on for many years, therefore gives peace of mind. The clients contentment with all procedures is paramount to Sandra.
Hair Simulated Eyebrows (Hairstroke)
The most popular of all the brow types. Individual hair strokes are implanted resembling eyebrow hairs. A layered effect can be created over two visits. Alopecia clients who wish the hairstroke procedure may require a "shadow block template" to define the base shape on the 1st visit before completing the hairstrokes on the 2nd visit. Clients who are just missing the tails or the bulbs of their brows or maybe their brows have gaps, love the look a hairstroke brow can create.
Powdered Eyebrows
A softer block with hairstrokes running through the brow. Great for blondes and older clients, or for ladies who wish obvious definition but not a strong shape. Also ideal for those who may prefer slight alteration of shape to there existing brows.
• Eyebrows are the frame of the face.
• When eyebrows are designed correctly they can lift the eyes and give a much more youthful appearance.
• Clients with over plucked sparse eyebrows can have a re-designed improved shape and also add colour to ageing brows
• Alopecia sufferers and others can finally say good-bye to every day pencilling.
• Clients with fair hair need not tint again, as tinting sparse hair often doesn't achieve the effect most clients would prefer.

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