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Stunning eyes - perfect for those with unsteady hands!
I offer three different types of eyeliner procedure. These range from the basic placement of pigments to give the impression of thicker, fuller eyelashes, to gradually building up a line of colour around the eyes to form a more dramatic look.
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Basic Liner
By following the natural lash line in this liner gives you soft definition for a  fresh 'awake' look 24/7.
Smudge Effect Liner
By creating small dots of pigment close to the lower lashline, using slate grey or Brown this procedure  creates a slight shadow and is has  the softest appearance of all the liners, this liner is ideal for more mature ladies not wanting to look to 'Made up'.
Eyelash enhancement
A soft and natural look, and a great starter point for those unsure of having full liner! Fine dots of pigment are placed between the lashes at the root to give the appearance that the lashes are thicker and darker. Men also choose to have this procedure. As it creates beautiful effortless definition.
Fashion Eyeliner/Latino
Basic eyeliner can be applied from a fine thin line to a thicker more defined look. Sandra believes in a slow progression when implanting pigment, preventing anything other than the expected.
Advanced Liner
This is the most dramatic of all the liners and is fabulous for clients that want a bold frame to their eyes. It can be as thick as the client requires it to be - but may take a few visits to complete the look.
  • Eyeliner can make the eyes look larger,and big eyes are always noticed!
  • Eyeliner can make lashes look thicker and darker, which is great for those with fair hair, or minimal time to apply make-up in the morning and can look very subtle and pretty.
  • No more re-application,smudges or uneven eyes
  • As stated above Fashion colours are available on request, these can look very glamorous if you prefer something a little unusual.
I do not recommend tattoo flicks/tails to eyeliners, as these tend to be requests linked to current trends/fashions - and for a semi-permanent procedure this is not advisable. I am happy to offer graduated eyeliners (fine towards the centre of the eye going thicker at the outside edges), this creates a wonderful effect and can really open up the eyes too. Fashion colours are available upon request, Soft Sapphire shades and Soft Emerald Green can appear stunning!

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