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Luscious Lips - beautiful & smudgeproof!
Full Lip Colour
A full lipstick effect is ideal for pale lips or irregularly shaped lips, or for ladies that wish their lips to appear coloured all the time, also those looking for a more dramatic look. Once again this depends on each clients every-day beauty regime.
Lip Liner
A sharp crisp outline can help define the natural contour of the lips. All lip procedures can reduce fine lines around the mouth and prevent lipstick bleed, which keeps that pout looking fabulous.

Lip Blush
This popular defined lip line with a softer subtle in-fill. Lip Blush makes lips appear fuller with a three-dimensional lip appearance. Beautiful natural results make this the must have lip procedure. It makes life easier when a simple clear gloss can be applied each morning and the colour and definition is always there.
Rollover image to see examples of Lipblush and full Lip Procedures
Beauty Spots
Are available for any part of the face, they are generally used to draw attention to the eyes or mouth area and can create a quick and simple change to your face that attracts attention! Ask Sandra for details.
All lip procedures enhance the shape of the lips. With skilled application lips can look fuller and gorgeous.

Who can benefit?
All ladies that wear lip liner or lipstick would benefit from a lip procedure as semi-permanent lip treatments don't rub or wash off when eating, drinking or smoking.
Semi-permanent lip procedures are ideal for:
  • Lips that are too thin.
  • Lips that are asymmetrical.
  • Lips that are poorly defined.
  • Lips that are lacking colour.
  • Anyone with scars resulting from an accident/injury or cleft lip disfigurement.

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